GIRLS 2000

GIRLS 2000 is a holistic program designed specifically to meet the needs of girls ages 10 through 18 and their families living in the Hunters Point public housing developments.  The underlying philosophy of the program is that all children can succeed if they have the proper tools and guidance.  In this vein, every service and activity is designed to provide young women with exposure and experiences that will give them strength to overcome obstacles, hope to dream about the future, and confidence to achieve those dreams. 

Program services include:

  •     Computer instruction
  •      Academic tutoring
  •      Group, individual, and family counseling
  •      Gender specific support
  •      Career mentoring and employment development training
  •      Life skills classes including cooking, breast cancer awareness,
         drug education, sex education, pregnancy prevention,
         nutrition, and other health issues.
  •      Field trips
  •      Art and dance classes and projects
  •      Community gardening and beautification
  •      Supervised Friday night outings