Peacekeepers is a crisis prevention, intervention, and response program that provides services to youth (10-22) and their families. Terrell Rodgers and Demitrius Williams – residents and activists who are often used by community residents to quell conflicts that could erupt into “turf wars” – developed the concept for the Peacekeepers program in 2002, one of the most violent years in Hunters Point history.

The San Francisco Housing Authority, the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice, and the Neighborhood Safety Partnership supported the duo in establishing Peacekeepers as a viable entity operating out of the Alice Griffith (formerly Double Rock) housing development. In 2003, Peacekeepers became part of the Hunters Point Family.

Since the establishment of the Peacekeepers, the neighborhood has experienced

  •      100% reduction in rape
  •      11% reduction in aggravated assault
  •      60% reduction in marijuana offenses

Program services and activities include:

  •      Academic tutoring and study hall
  •      Leadership training
  •      Group, individual, and family support groups
  •      Gender specific support groups and life-skills training
  •      Nutrition classes
  •      Training and employment in Gardening and Landscaping at the
         Double Rock organic farm
  •      Supervised Friday Night Outings