We foster supportive relationships to create a healthy environment where at-risk youth and young adults feel safe, comfortable and valued. We are working to give our participants – and often their families – a holistic and proactive worldview that empowers them to achieve economic success and better lives. Through our innovative programs and services, our participants transcend obstacles, identify opportunities, and create balanced and fulfilling lives.



Family Support Network

In order to provide our participants with the stable home environment they need to succeed, we collaborate with other community-based organizations to provide the following support and resource referrals to all family members. Through our extended- family model, we offer:

  • Case management (individual and family)

  • Family mediation and referrals

  • Advocacy within the Department of Human Services

  • Advocacy within the school district

  • Advocacy within the juvenile and adult justice systems

  • Food security support through the HPF Healthy Lifestyles program

  • Computer access for employment search

  • Crisis and grief support




This program functions in partnership with parents and community members to emphasize community pride, cultural confidence and leadership. Staff work creatively to teach young people to cultivate inner and outer peace in the midst of chaos and violence.


Peer Parent Advocates

This program provides for a unified group of parents, foster parents and family service providers, organized and working together to build healthy families and to continue to improve the child welfare system to enhance family preservation and quality services to system-involved families. It is a collaboration between Hunters Point Family, Seneca Center and the San Francisco Human Services Agency.



Specifically for the low income African-American teens and young adults living at or below the poverty level in public or subsidized housing within Bayview Hunters Point, our Ujamaa program provides:

  • GED and diploma classes

  • Post-secondary education or training program guidance

  • Job readiness training

  • Subsidized employment

  • Paid internships within agency-run businesses

  • Referrals to certified training programs

  • Paid employment opportunities