“At Hunters Point Family, we are always striving to find ways to give our young people every advantage. We start with reflecting back their strength, beauty, and resilience so that they build confidence. We then work to expose them to ideas, experiences, and opportunities to develop skills so that they build competence. Once they discover how powerful they are, they are unstoppable.”
— Lena Miller, Founder

Hunters Point Family (HPF) provides the comprehensive care and love of an extended family for children in our neighborhood. From ages 6 to 24, HPF offers programs that focus on academic and community growth in order to prepare local youth for full and productive lives. As participants grow older, they take on more responsibility and can become mentors for those coming up behind them. We are committed to supporting education, employment opportunities and stable housing for the young people of our community.


Bayview Safe Haven

Bayview Safe Haven is our largest after school program for children aged 11–17. This program offers a wide variety of weekly activities to nurture children's spirits, help overcome challenges, support academics and encourage positive connections in the community. With gender-specific gathering groups, classes in cooking, environmental stewardship and weekly outings, children have opportunities to learn and thrive.

Gilman Rec Connect

Gilman Rec-Connect is a community driven,
after school program that provides academic support, cultural and arts programs and recreational activities for youth. Gilman serves over 75 core youth, aged 5-12, annually. We operate on a seasonal calendar to provide a comprehensive,
full-day summer program and community
building events.

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GIRLS 2000

GIRLS 2000 is the first project we developed at HPF. The purpose is to protect and lift up girls from our neighborhood as they begin to face the many identity pressures that come with adolescence. We support them in gender-specific groups, provide strong role models, nurturing activities and leadership opportunities. As they find their strength, these young women are equipped with the tools to face society’s challenges. GIRLS 2000 serves young women aged 8–16.

Candlestick Heights After school Program (CHAP)

CHAP is exclusively for residents of Candlestick Heights, offering academic and enrichment programs for youth aged 6–13. Each weekday afternoon during the school year, participants take part in literacy and STEAM building skills mixed with relaxing enrichment activities, such as cooking, arts and crafts, games and sports. When school is not in session, children join in full day camps where they experience activities as varied as fishing, hiking and ice skating.


Through this program, the CHAP staff teaches children learn to rely on one another as well as help to guide them in decision making. We also invite parents to participate in activities with their children to build our family support model.


Phoenix Project

The Phoenix Project was developed to serve youth and young adults, aged 14–24, who have experienced and continue to experience severe trauma and disruption that has impacted their ability to trust and form healthy connections with traditional programming and institutions. Services were specifically targeted and designed to work with young people who do not feel safe and valued in traditional programming and institutions.

The Phoenix Project leverages the collective wisdom and expertise of our Village Partners in the areas of mental and physical health, education, workforce development, and peace promotion/violence prevention. The Phoenix Project model was designed to provide two years of intensive programming, with two additional years of follow up services to support increased retention and sustainability. The Phoenix Project vision is to create a team to establish authentic and durable relationships with youth to help them access and navigate streamlined resources that will support them to address current needs and support them to achieve future goals and interests