“If we create opportunities for people here to eat nutritiously, then naturally people are going to be healthier
and in turn are going to live more fruitful lives.”
— Kenneth Hill, Environmental Program Director

The history of Hunters Point is one of environmental injustice; in just a few square miles, we live on land with more than 300 toxic designations and two closed superfund sites.

For too long, the ground in San Francisco’s sunny southeast district was not safe for food production. The neighborhood was overrun with liquor stores and limited food options: the definition of a food desert or “swamp.” We see a future where we can overcome the barriers of the past.

Like all Hunters Point Family projects, our environmental programs use the intelligence and ingenuity of the people of Bayview Hunters Point to change the story and build a healthy future for our community. We’re committed to making our home a safe and healthy place to thrive by creating improvements on our land and food that nourishes our bodies.



Healthy Bayview

Our program is rewriting the script about food security in the southeast district. The latest addition to our menu is the Growers’ Market, where we invite gardeners in the neighborhood to sell their bounty. The market offers a space for positive community interactions every Saturday morning among diverse residents of Bayview Hunters Point where shoppers can find arugula, kale, collards, carrots, red and green onions, bok choy, wheatgrass, pickles and homemade jam grown by local gardeners.


Transition-aged youth (16–24) in our programs step into leadership and educator roles as they spread knowledge about healthy living. These young people lead workshops at after school programs and elderly residential sites, sharing healthy nutritional choices and basic cooking skills with their community. Our program is 20 sites strong, at schools, rec centers and housing sites, both in and out of the Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood.


Students aged 11–14 can participate in the Ujamaa Program. Ujamaa participants meet weekly with a mentor for a paid internship to develop urban farming skills at the Double Rock or Adam Rogers garden. Ujamaa is only open to young people who participate in other HPF programs and remain in good standing, by staying on top of their work or studies, as well as show respect in the community. Funding from the San Francisco Department of Children, Youth and their Families supports this project.


Bayview Green Careers

Our urban landscaping and aquaponics training program is available for individuals over the age of 18. This training program connects participants with important landscaping projects to conserve water and prevent flooding in partnership with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. The Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD’s) Citybuild and Laborers’ Local 261 are partners in this rigorous program, connecting participants with a case manager to help them find employment after graduation.

CCG Community Challenge Grant

Hunters Point Family consistently creates innovative beautification projects through San Francisco’s Community Challenge Grant. In the past three years we have focused on garden-centric projects including developing the Adam Rogers garden and restoring the Third Street corridor with tree basins and planter boxes.

We are working with local Hunters Point artists including Malik Seneferu who are guiding these projects as lead artist while mentoring youth to install unique, sustaining art in the streets of Hunters Point.


Aquaponics Prison Program – San Bruno

Aquaponics, the combination of aquaculture and hydroponic agriculture, is a uniquely low-water form of food production. HPF’s training program provides biweekly training at the San Francisco County Jail. Inmate trainees in the program have access to an aquaponics system through which they develop expertise on the system. Upon release, participants can work as trainers in HPF’s student aquaponics program or private sector operations.


Somethin’ Fresh

One of our earliest programs to increase food security in Bayview Hunters Point, Somethin’ Fresh delivers organic produce weekly to our neighbors. Produce boxes are generously provided by The Fruit Guys, a neighborhood partner, and delivered by HPF team members. If you would like to subscribe to Somethin’ Fresh, please call the HPF office.